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Teo Heng is one of the first to introduce the leisure Karaoke experience in Singapore and has been providing high quality audio systems and services since 1989. They operate 13 outlets all across Singapore, ensuring they are accessible wherever you go. Teo Heng distributes BMB Entertainment Corp’s products across Southeast Asia, and is the first BMB Karaoke Centre of its kind.

Teo Heng has since expanded their range of services to be more inclusive of various events and activities needs. Their outlets offer a range of equipment and venue suited for your entertainment purposes. Whether it is for a typical KTV or chill session, Teo Heng outlets provide lounges and pubs as well as recreational spaces for all walks of life to enjoy.

Their audio amenities are regularly updated, from quality microphones and speakers to the latest songs, Teo Heng aims to deliver a smashing experience for guests. In addition, all Teo Heng outlets prohibit smoking and alcoholic drinks, making sure that the environment remains safe and family friendly for all to delight in.

Visit Teo Heng at The Star Vista for an inexpensive and entertaining time today!

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