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Absolute was developed out of a desire to share the benefits and joys of fitness with people of all walks of life, inspiring personal development. The team provides a space for like-minded individuals to connect and walk this journey of growth together. Having first opened its doors in 2002, Absolute has 13 studios in Thailand and Singapore, serving over 100,000 members.

Absolute prides itself in its teaching methodology and instructors, trained by their own Absolute Academy programme to ensure quality and consistency. In the spirit of evolving, the group is continually adding to its extensive repertoire of dynamic services and innovative equipment, as well as its engaging teaching styles, for both group and private classes.

Our classes are designed to provide a holistic experience. Each ride is a perfect medley of music, movement and motivation. Expect a fun, dynamic cardio workout as you move to the beat, engaging your entire body. Our team of trainers have each gone through an intensive training programme with Absolute Academy, and are all equipped with the Absolute Methodology that was carefully developed and refined; in partnership with globally-renowned master instructors who are pioneers of rhythm cycling.

The brand’s goal is to make Pilates Reformer accessible for everyone. Forging close partnerships and carrying out in-depth research with global Pilates Reformer leaders, Absolute

Pilates launched a unique Group Pilates Reformer Experience that comprises a holistic workout that tones and strengthens the body, paired with other benefits such as injury prevention and rehabilitation. Classes are designed to give you an effective and functional exercise that stays true to the core principles of Pilates in a dynamic group environment.

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